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What’s My Texture?

Loving your texture begins with knowing what makes it special, how to care for it, and what products help it thrive. Your texture is unique. The term texture encompasses your hair’s identity and where it lies within the texture spectrum: straight, wavy, curly, or kinky.

Discover your texture

Hair Rules Texture Spectrum

Hair Rules Texture Spectrum - hair texture can be understood as being somewhere with in a texture spectrum that moves from straight to wavy to curly to kinky.






Straight textures are known for their uniquely unbending, flowing pattern. They can have fine to coarse strands.

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Wavy textures have a naturally, loosely curving s-pattern. They can have fine to coarse strands.

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Curly textures are known for their looping or spiraling s-patterns. They can have fine to coarse strands.

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Kinky textures have tight coiling s-patterns. They can have a range of fine to coarse strands.

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Kinky Texture

Kinky texture has a tight, coily s-pattern. It’s buoyant, dense, and versatile. Moisturizing products are essential for kinky textures.

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Curly Texture

Curly texture has a loopy s-pattern. It’s known for being bouncy, stretchy, and flexible. Non-stripping products are vital for curly textures.

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Wavy Texture

Wavy texture—neither straight, nor curly, but a beautiful in-between. This loose s-patterned texture is flexible and relaxed. Lightweight styling products are the holy grail status for wavy textures.

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Straight Texture

Straight texture is a uniquely unbending pattern. It’s known to be smooth and sleek. Volumizing products are the go-to for straight textures.

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Products for All Textures

Cleanse, condition, style, and finish your hair with products designed for your texture.

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