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Anthony Dickey, Hair Rules' Founder

Anthony Dickey

He’s a celebrity stylist, a brand leader, an active industry influencer, and a texture guru. Simply, he is the heart of Hair Rules. Dive into his story and learn how our leader came to tackle one of the longest-standing hair issues: one-size doesn’t fit all textures.

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We are on a mission to inspire, educate, empower, and celebrate all textures.

Meet the Management Team

While Hair Rules is led by Dickey, a visionary industry figure and stylist, it’s supported by a team of passionate experts devoted to bringing his vision to life. From high-quality products to in-salon experiences catered to your one-of-a-kind texture, our team is with you at every step of your hair journey.

Portrait of Ken Alexander on a white background
Ken Alexander

Chief Executive Officer

Portrait of Sharon Alexander on a white background
Sharon Alexander

Chief Financial Officer