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Ask Dickey! Virtual Consultations

Dickey wants to answer your questions and share hair love digitally.

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The time for self care is now!

Welcome to Ask Dickey! Virtual Consultations, our brand new, one-on-one digital experience with Dickey, the author of Hair Rules! and founder of Hair Rules New York Salon. Now you can ask all of your burning questions while staying in the comfort of your own home. For $75, receive expert advice from the Texture Guru who has worked with celebrities like Amanda Seales, Sarah Jessica Parker, Alicia Keys, former First Lady Michelle Obama, and more with this intimate and personalized 20-minute virtual consultation.

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All textures, from straight to kinky

Dickey has been working with all hair types for over thirty years and wants to become your virtual texture spirit guide! Together, you’ll (re)discover your texture, embrace the beauty of your hair, and learn the best ways to take care of your gorgeous crown. We’re offering virtual consultations so no matter where you live, Dickey and hair love is within your reach. Learn about all of the benefits below and schedule your consultation today!

All the benefits of dialing Dickey

Now is the time to try the things you never had time to do before. Grow out your hair, begin the transition to natural, try a new style, or amp up your hair regimen! Your time with Dickey will help you set the foundation for new goals or re-establishing old ones.

Share your hairstory

Go back in time to get to the truth about your hair today.

Rediscover your texture

Learn about your natural texture and what makes it special.

Let out your concerns

Review the unique concerns you have with your hair.

Customize your hair plan

Discuss your goals and set up steps to get you there.

Update your routine

Find the perfect products to revive your hair and your routine.

Love your hair

Come away feeling more in love with your hair than ever before.

Anthony Dickey, Hair Rules' Founder

Schedule your time

Dickey’s consultations are currently available at $75 for 20-minute slots! Availability varies and appointments are limited so please take this into consideration when booking. Sign up to schedule your consultation and receive more information.

Looking for a color consultation? Hair Rules colorist Katiria also offers Virtual Consultations!

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Get ready for your call

Take time to prep so you’re ready to go for your consultation and get the most out of your time with Dickey!


Download the Zoom app on your phone or computer before your call.


Test your connection to make sure everything is in working order.


Have your questions ready beforehand so you get all of the answers you need. 


Get the best results from your consultation! Please have your hair washed, dry, and natural.

Terms and Conditions: No refunds or rescheduling for missed or canceled appointments. Questions? Please contact us at