Meet Our Team

Ken Alexander

Chief Operating Officer 

Ken manages hair rules' daily operations, leads development, executes the hair rules business strategy, and leads both production and manufacturing. Prior to coming aboard the team, Ken spent 27 years successfully developing global businesses and managing international programs for a Fortune 100 company. 


Taunglea Ambroise  

Vice President of Sales

Taunglea is responsible for revenue, market growth and brand partnerships globally. She has assisted in the development of an international distribution strategy and has redefined hair rules' domestic partnerships. Taunglea has 25+ years of experience within the technology industry; with extensive experience in sales, marketing, business development and operations.


Sharon Alexander

Vice President of Finance and Accounting 

Sharon, a veteran in commercial banking for over two decades, is responsible for hair rules' global finance functions, including accounting and financial operations, receivables, payable and financial reporting. Sharon enjoys singing with the South West Soul Circuit, a contemporary Soul, Jazz and R&B ensemble out of Tuscon, AZ where Sharon resides with her husband Ken Alexander, their three children and two grandchildren.