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Our Story

Hair Rules Salon NY Hair Dryers


Hair Rules history began with our founder, Dickey (Anthony Dickey), and his experience as the Texture Guru. After decades in the beauty industry, he started Hair Rules Salon NY, the first texture laboratory, and by doing so started a texture movement.

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We Believe

All textures are uniquely beautiful and should be celebrated. We believe this at our very core. We believe all hair should be free.

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Three Hair Rules products on a whit granite bathroom counter with an orchid in the background
Women With Diverse Hair Textures standing in circle smiling looking down with hands outstretched


Our team is here to inspire, celebrate, empower, and embrace all textures. Our team is here for you.

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Take a deeper look into Dickey’s history, how he came to create the Hair Rules brand, and submit all of your texture questions for a chance to be featured in the ‘Ask Dickey’ series!

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Dickey standing on NY street with tall buildings in background