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All hair is beautiful

We are texture experts. We are on a mission to inspire, educate, and celebrate all textures, so you have the freedom to love your hair, yourself, and your world.

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Hair Rules Texture Spectrum

Hair Rules Texture Spectrum - hair texture can be understood as being somewhere with in a texture spectrum that moves from straight to wavy to curly to kinky.






Straight textures are known for their uniquely unbending, flowing pattern. They can have fine to coarse strands.

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Wavy textures have a naturally, loosely curving s-pattern. They can have fine to coarse strands.

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Curly textures are known for their looping or spiraling s-patterns. They can have fine to coarse strands.

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Kinky textures have tight coiling s-patterns. They can have a range of fine to coarse strands.

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Anthony Dickey, Hair Rules' Founder

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Products for every texture

Cleanse, condition, style, and finish your hair with products designed for your texture.


A Guide to Wash-n-go’s

The key to helping your natural texture look its best comes down to three main things: consistency, hydration, and moisture.


Honoring Black History for a Brighter Future

During this Black History Month, I find myself reflecting upon the journey of Black people in this country and thinking about how important it is to also consider the direction of our future.


Dickey Stands Up for Natural Hair with The Cut

Dickey had the opportunity to advocate for the belief that all textures should be treated equally and celebrated for their individuality.


Dickey & Amanda Seales Talk Hair

Your hair texture is not defined by your ethnicity.

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