Hair Rules Texture Spectrum
I purchased the Curly Whip since my last email to you (and the rest of the line). It has completely transformed my hair from a dry, flat, mess to curly, full, and chic. The products literally changed my hair right before my eyes. I am immensely grateful to Dickey and your entire team for your guidance and leadership on the subject matter of textured hair. It means a great deal. ;-)
- Alanah H
I Tried the kinky products and i love it,My hair looks awesome,My hair looks at its best,Who ever created these products are smart.Thank you hair rules im going to buy more when i run out.
- Alyssa M
First I would like to say I have tried so many product lines before coming across Hair Rules at my local Ulta and nothing compares to any of your products. I have definitely recommend your book and product line to all of my friends.
- Angela S
WOW! The cleansings cream smells wonderful. After using this product my hair felt so clean, smelled wonderful, and felt so oft and managable. My hair is normally very frizzy but, when i used hair rules it made my hair soft and took the frizz away in one use. My continual use of hair rules made my hair feel stronger. I absolutely love it!
- Anjelique P
I started using Hair Rules products a year ago, my hair was lank and felt very straw like. When I met Dickey he told me how his products could change the texture and feel of my hair, I was and still am amazed on how I now have silky, healthy hair just by using the Hair Rules line. I love the smell and feel so much better about using Sulphate Free products. My Hair, My Choice, My Rules....
- Anne A
My colleague declared she will purchase a wig exactly like my hair. Hmmm. Thanks? It was a compliment, but I plan to snatch it and run. LOL! I heart Hair Rules Curly Whip!
- Candice T
Pregnancy hormones completely changed the texture of my hair eight years ago. So for eight years I have battled dry, frizzy, wavy hair. Asking for help from stylists didn't work since they tried giving me products that felt either greasy or left me looking like a wet, crunchy poodle. On my own, I experimented with all kinds of products and always got the same frizzy results. The FIRST time I used your products my hair was transformed! My waves look frizz-free, naturally defined, and glossy. My mornings are no longer hostage to my hair. Thank you.
- Carolina E
WOW! I was completely dazzled by these product! My hair has incredible shine and bounce after using the Daily Cleansing Cream and Nourishment Leave in Conditioner. It made styling my naturally wavy hair a cinch! I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!
- Connie S
Honestly one of the best, if not the best shampoo I ever tried. My hair is fine and wavy and this product keeps the natural oils and restores shine. AWESOME !
- Cristina X
We all know HR rocks. I wanted to share a tip. Water. I have to apply in the shower for great results. The more water the more elongated. Then after applying I dip my hair under the shower for maximum elongation and curl. I wrap in a tee shirt for 30 to 45 min, and after maybe 20 min under a dryer, I'm done. Before this method of dipping under the shower and wrapping in tee shirt I was sitting under a dryer for 1.5 hours. Too much product. Now I get great definition, no crunch, no producty feel, and with such a short drying time I can shampoo whenever I want. I love you, Dickie.
Also I'd like to ask if Hair Rules would put up a forum. We are a very select group, and there's not a lot of info in the curly community on this product. We could share.
- Dana T