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With your routine and hair goals in mind, we've compiled our best recommendations for your hair. Currently, you're using , and we hope you're loving it! While our recommendations are based on the answers you've submitted, if your hair is slaying with the current Hair Rules products you love, why change up a good thing? Keep enjoying your faves while checking out any new products that could be great for you!

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Hey! I’m Dickey, and I’m so glad I was able to walk your through (re)discovering your texture and what it needs. I’ve been in the hair and beauty industry for 30 years, and love sharing my knowledge with clients and Hair Rules lovers. Get the most out of your recommendations by continuing your hair journey with me. From the salon to a one-on-one virtual consultation, I’m here for you. There’s no better time to love your hair than now, so let’s take the next step together!

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A Guide to Wash-n-go’s

The key to helping your natural texture look its best comes down to three main things: consistency, hydration, and moisture.


Black-Owned Businesses

Our world is multi-textural. We work every day to be inclusive of the broad range of textures that exist while never forgetting our roots.


A Guide to Dry Hair

Here’s the not-so-great truth about dryness: it can occur for as many reasons as there are strands of hair on your head.


Dickey & Amanda Seales Talk Hair

Your hair texture is not defined by your ethnicity.

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