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Blogger Boss

by Joseph Maddox August 04, 2017

Blogger Boss

What Is A hair rules Blogger Boss?

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A hair rules Blogger Boss is someone who knows the power of words. You know how they can hurt how they can heal. You are a vanguard with the strokes of a pen or the tap of a keyboard and you are ready to make an impact in the world around you. 

We have as many topics to write about as there are textures and shades of beauty. hair rules will be providing you content to cover and looking to you to inspire us and our community to look a little bit deeper into the issues - whatever they might be. 

If you are ready for an exciting time with incredible people, please apply!

What Will I Be Doing?

- Brainstorming fun blog ideas

- Participating in photo shoots for blog articles

- Collaborating with magazines to co-create content

- Making people laugh/cry/care

- Exposing truths in our communities that people need to take note of

- Seeking out the newest trends before they come to the light

- Mentoring the youth to love and appreciate their own hair


By helping hair rules to push forward these initiatives you will earn yourself some awesome products, press opportunities, earn free services, and much more! 

Please apply here so that we can get the party started! 


Joseph Maddox
Joseph Maddox