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Reds, Lights, and Hues: The 2017 Fall-winter Color Forecast

October 14, 2017
Hair Rules Team

Red is the new blonde

Lion Babe’s Jillian Hervey, who’s been blonde for the longest time, has intensified her look by going bright copper red this fall. Many blondes this season are taking the plunge.

Bold statement color

Blunt bobs, lobs (long bobs) and long one-lengths are complemented best with bold color. One way to show off a one-length’s sleek and precise lines is to highlight the very edges with an equally bold color, giving a retro look that feels entirely modern, like this 1920’s flapper cut meets punk rock color.

Tone it down, warm it up

A quick and easy way to upgrade your hair is to tone down and warm up your summer highlights. By the end of the preceding spring you most likely have had more highlights added. For fall, adding a gloss that’s a level darker on all those can give your highlights more depth and dimension.

Winter fox

Whether you’re celebrating your natural silver streaks or interested in something fresh and fierce for the fall, silver hair is a unique and daring way to make your look come to life.

Hot cocoa

Velvety brown locks are always a delicious way to welcome the cooling weather. Though understated, it can be quite dramatic especially after months and months of a beachy, sun-kissed head of hair. And it just looks better with the layers of clothes. Wella has new, rich shades of beiges to choose from. Schedule a consult and let’s talk about it!

Text and forecast by Jackie Challenger.