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Rule Your Texture

Hair plopping feels like straight up magic. It’s a simple, minimal-effort technique that combines styling and drying in one step. All you have to do is flip, set, and wrap your hair with a t-shirt and wait. The end result leaves hair soft, frizz-free, and next-level healthy. Anthony Dickey, Hair Rules Founder and Texture Guru, spoke with MGBLifestyle about hair plopping and their guide is vital if you’re ready to try the technique for yourself. Today, we’re expanding on hair plopping so you know where to add it into your day, how to handle common problems, and have a few quick tips up your sleeve to get the best drying results post-plop.

Many of us know that hair is most susceptible to damage when wet, so it may come as no surprise that coarse-fibered terry cloth towels are a natural vibe-killer to carefree waves, bouncy curls, and moisturized, spongy kinks. You’ve probably heard that microfiber towels are a great alternative, but maybe you haven’t gotten around to getting one, or you’re looking for another option. A standard t-shirt is the perfect no-snag, solution!

When to Plop?

Hair plopping easily fits into your styling routine—just replace your normal towel with a t-shirt and follow the expert tips from Dickey and MBGLifestyle to get your curls up and plopping.

When to plop is dependent on when you style your hair. One of the easiest options is to wear your plop to bed and wake up with defined, frizz-free curls. Alternatively, you can minimize your morning dry time by plopping and wrapping while you continue getting ready in the morning.

Double Time!

Maybe you don’t have time to plop until your hair is dry—no problem! The magic of hair plopping is that you get the benefits even in small doses. Try this:

  • Set up your plop before making your cup of coffee, or putting on your makeup.
  • Once you’re ready to start diffusing, let your hair down and lightly spray Blow It All Out on your curls to keep them smooth and frizz-free, post-blow dry. Touch your hair as little as possible at this stage to retain the curls you’ve already got going.
  • Flip your tresses over and begin diffusing.
  • Once hair is fully dry, apply Hydrating Finishing Balm to seal your pattern and infuse moisture into your hair.
Tips for Diffusing

Avoid touching your hair with the diffuser so your curls aren’t disrupted or overheated.

Keep your head on a swivel, readjusting every so often, so your hair is drying in different positions.

Uh-Oh! Common Post-Plop Problems

Too Much Product

Maybe you went a little crazy and applied too much product, leaving your hair heavy or gummy. Use Lift Volumizing Dry Shampoo! Spray it at your roots (or wherever there’s too much product) and let it sit for 5 minutes. Work it in gently when time is up and fluff out your hair for added volume!

Flat on one side

Congrats! Chances are, you slept really well, but your hair might show the effects. Spritz your hair with a little water, and scrunch. Add a little extra light hold by applying Wavy Mousse while you scrunch.

Too Dry

Spritz your hair with water and work Nourishment Leave-In Moisturizer into your ends. Apply a little Hydrating Finishing Balm to lock in the extra moisture.

Are you new to hair plopping or an old pro? Show us your big unwrap post-plopping by tagging @hairrules on Instagram with your wraps and results.