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Rule Your Texture

Our Favorite Teen Vogue Tips for Growing Your Natural Hair

January 5, 2019
Hair Rules Team

Growing out your hair—one of the biggest hair care frustrations numerous textures face. What’s the secret behind getting the length of your dreams? Well earlier this year, with the help of Dickey and fellow hair experts, Teen Vogue shared their top ten tips to help you grow out your natural hair. They help with growing your natural hair out, but more importantly they help you achieve the healthiest hair of your life. Below are a few of our favorite tips that they shared and our recommendations for how to achieve them!

Co-Wash Daily

We say it all the time, especially for drier textures, co-washing daily, sometimes even twice a day, is amazing for your hair! Co-washing is the process of cleansing your hair with water and conditioner. It helps clarify your scalp and hair, while infusing your hair with hydration and preventing dryness, tangles, and breakage. Try co-washing for yourself with Quench Ultra Rich Conditioner! The more you do it, the healthier your hair will be.

Deep Condition Weekly

As Teen Vogue says, “Get ready to make deep conditioners your new BFF.” We couldn’t agree more, but you don’t have to look far: Quench Ultra Rich Conditioner is our go-to again! Hydration is keep for growing hair and Quench is filled with nourishing and hydrating ingredients like shea butter, hops, coconut oil, and honey. It’s an all-in-one conditioner that not only serves as a great tool for co-washing, but also a deep conditioner. To unlock its deeply hydrating powers, completely saturate your hair with Quench while in the shower and leave in for at least ten minutes. Do this once a week for optimal results.

Avoid Heat

In an ideal world, we would all air-dry our hair or wet set with a hooded dryer. We also know that a lot of us don’t have time to wait, so heat-styling, especially blow-drying, tends to be a necessity. While we highly recommend cutting back on heat-styling where you can, the question remains: how do you dry your hair without causing breakage, tangles, and split ends? One great way is a solid heat protectant, like Blow It All Out™. Due our exclusive, hydrating texture control complex, Blow It All Out™ protects your texture for heat and the negative effects of humidity for a smooth, frizz and damage-free, vibrant look. If your hair is already suffering from heat-damage or is chemically-treated, use Blow It All Out™ as hair mask and give your texture some extra love.

Be Mindful of Protective Styles

Wearing twists, weaves, braids, and wigs is a fun way to change up your look and protect your hair. As Teen Vogue mentions, the key is simple: “[don’t] forget to take care of your actual hair underneath.” Protective styles need to be treated with consideration. Your style prep is as important as your take down method, and knowing when to take it down is even more important. We love protective styles and want to help your hair love them too! Take a look at our protective styles guide to learn more!

Teen Vogue has more amazing guidance on how to grow out your natural hair on their website. Visit the article here to detangle the mystery behind long natural hair.