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Rule Your Texture

Our community has always driven us. Our view that all textures deserve love stems from a deeper, core belief that all people deserve love. During this crisis, nothing has felt truer. As our everyday lives shift from the normal and routine, we see this as an integral time for supporting each other and ourselves to stay healthy, both mind and body.

We’re dedicating this time to reset and we want to encourage our Hair Rules family to do similarly. On an ordinary day, rushing from one thing to the next is the norm. Most of us push ourselves to our limits, if not past them, without a second thought and it wears on us. In a situation no one would have predicted, we are being forced to slow down and adapt. For us, it’s an opportunity to refocus—on our health, on our state of being, and on each other.

Right now, while we may be separated physically from friends, loved ones, or colleagues to ensure the health and safety of our community, we are not alone. Together, we will get through this, beginning with taking care of ourselves. As you distance yourself for the sake of everyone’s safety, it’s crucial to take time to focus on self care, too. Recharging will help you find balance to support your mental health in such uncertain times. Whether you realize it or not, taking care of yourself leads to taking care of those around you.

Taking care of yourself physically, in part, means doing things that make you happy mentally, but it also means taking a breather. We’ve pulled together some of things that keep us healthy all around to inspire your own self care:


Hair care, skin care, bubble-bath care

Whatever it is, pamper yourself! A hair or face mask, or a nice long soak, can go a long way in soothing nerves.


Dive into the pages of a book

Taking a break from social media to get lost in a story or learn something new is downright cathartic.


Enjoy the outdoors

Getting out in nature, whether you’re hiking or taking a stroll, is centering. Breathe in some fresh air and soak in the vitamin D!


Try something new

Explore a hobby you haven’t had time for. A few of our favorites that you can do at home are crafting, drawing or painting, cooking or baking, writing, yoga, meditation, or even practicing new hairstyles.


Revitalize your home

If you’ve got time on your hands why not go KonMari on your home? It’s officially spring, so diving into a thorough spring cleaning to organize your space will help you reset and feel refreshed. Bonus activity: if you don’t know what the KonMari method is you can watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and learn all about it!


Stay connected—virtually

Socially distancing yourself to stay at home, with or without family or friends, takes its toll but it doesn’t have to. Setting up video chats with loved ones, planning virtual happy hours or game nights, or even engaging more on your favorite social media platform helps you stay connected, and more importantly, happy.

Everyone is experiencing this crisis together, so help one another as well as yourself. Sharing what helps you stay grounded or providing support through provisions or supplies could help those around you to feel safer, healthier, or happier. Take this opportunity to become closer to your community where and when you can while protecting your health. Social distance doesn’t mean you have to feel alone. We’re here for you. We support you. We love you.