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Rule Your Texture

Honoring Black History for a Brighter Future

February 24, 2021
Hair Rules Team

During this Black History Month, I find myself reflecting upon the journey of Black people in this country and thinking about how important it is to also consider the direction of our future. Like many people in the Black community, I want to have a conversation about where to go from here.

I believe it begins with envisioning how we’d like to feel. Power, love, joy, beauty, and fearlessness…. these are feelings that are born and nurtured from within.

How can we bring about the change we want to see in the world? It begins within our own imaginations. In embracing what we love about ourselves, we can find a core of unshakeable conviction and create momentum toward healing, feeling complete, and expanding our sense of potency.

At Hair Rules, we seek to empower by celebrating natural unique beauty, from the texture of hair to the sparkle of the soul. From a place of self-love comes a future of unlimited possibilities.

Ken Alexander, Hair Rules CEO

Kenneth Alexander
Hair Rules