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Rule Your Texture

Have You Heard? Dickey is a Hair God!

October 17, 2019
Hair Rules Team

Our beloved founder, Dickey, is affectionately known as the Texture Guru, and is the heart of Hair Rules. Having worked with clients of all textures to help them rediscover and embrace their natural beauty, he lives up to the name. So, it came as no surprise to our team when he was featured in Essence Magazine’s October segment: Hair Gods & Goddesses. Hailed as one of the top hairstylists for the world’s biggest stars, Dickey was recognized for his magical ability to transform textures and set them free through his undeniable talent. We couldn’t be more proud of Dickey, or more excited to add ‘Hair God’ to his list of accolades. Keep scrolling to read his spotlight below, or pick up a digital issue here.

Anthony Dickey

Doing hair for 33 years
Celebrity clients: Jill Scott, Michelle Obama, Issa Rae, Nia Long, Kelis and Debra Lee
Your proudest moment: When I wrote Hair Rules!: The Ultimate HairCare Guide for Women With Kinky, Curly or Wavy Hair. It was not only therapy but a huge personal accomplishment, since I only have a ninth grade education.
When you finally felt like you’d made it: Never. But I find great peace in helping women to rediscover their natural texture.
– Essence October Magazine 2019