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Rule Your Texture

I have grown up at Hair Rules. I’m so comfortable, I feel like I’m at my house.
– Amanda Seales

This past February, Dickey sat down with none other than the multi-talented and witty intellectual, Amanda Seales, and it was one for the books. They took a deep dive into hair—hair culture, their own hairstory, and more—in this not-nearly-long-enough podcast (give us more!). 

Amanda Seales and Dickey smiling and laughing with cityscape in background
Dickey styling Amanda Seales hair at Hair Rules Salon NY

One of the most impactful parts of the podcast for us was when Dickey and Amanda were discussing texture:

Dickey: The point is, when it comes to texture, how are you going to tell the people—you’ve been relegated to shop down the ethnic aisle or the non-ethnic aisle? For their entire lives, and then to say, well where’s the Mexican aisle? Where’s the Asian aisle? …I identify as a black man, so my hair is not straight. I look like a white man by glance.

Amanda: Right.

Dickey: And what I’m saying is that… ethnicity does not define texture.

Amanda: Say it again.

Dickey: Ethnicity. Your hair texture is not defined by your ethnicity.

Amanda: So the whole concept of, I got Indian in my family—

Dickey: Mhmmm.

Amanda: —is irrelevant… So, what is it defined by? 

Dickey: It’s defined by the [bleeping] hair that grows out of your head.

Immerse yourself in the rest of their hairlarious banter and endless knowledge below or listen on your favorite podcast platform!

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