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Rule Your Texture

Black-Owned Businesses: Hair Rules, Beauty Brands, and More!

June 19, 2020
Hair Rules Team
Hair rules management team

Featured from left to right: Anthony Dickey, Founder & Celebrity Stylist; Ken Alexander, Chief Executive Officer; Sharon Alexander, Chief Financial Officer; Taunglea Ambroise, Vice President of Global Sales.

Anthony Dickey and Kara Young

Hair Rules Co-founders Anthony Dickey and Kara Young

Our world is multi-textural. We work every day to be inclusive of the broad range of textures that exist while never forgetting our roots. Hair Rules is a family business and was created in large part because our founder, Anthony Dickey, alongside co-founder, Kara Young, sought to trailblaze a new path to divert the historically segregated road the beauty industry forced consumers to follow. He wanted to show that texture, while originally sorted into non-ethinic or ethnic aisles, has nothing to do with ethnicity at all but rather the hair that grows on your head. He chose to give voice to our under-represented community by founding a new Black-owned brand (Hair Rules) that could simultaneously provide products, solutions, and techniques designed for all textures.

Today, we are giving thanks to our community who has worked—and is working—to spotlight brands across our nation that bring diversity to numerous industries. You have shown your support of us during such turbulent times and in response, as we have always done, we are sending love and appreciation back to you.

  1. Cosmopolitan
    Cosmopolitan shares their favorite beauty brands with, “125 Best Black-Owned Beauty Brands to Support Right Freakin’ Now” giving community members and allies a way to self-care and pour strength back into the Black community—always. Read the full article on their site.
  2. Curly Cailín
    A renowned influencer in the texture world, Gabrielle of Curly Cailín shares her guide, “A-Z Guide of Black Owned Businesses in the Curly Community” to help consumers navigate her top Black-owned business picks in the curl community while sharing her own experience. Visit her blog to dive into her guide.
  3. Today
    To help pinpoint true Black-owned businesses, Today highlighted brands in, “21 Black-Owned Hair Brands That Work on Curly Textured Hair of All Types” that focus on providing high-performing products that really work on curly textures. Read more on their site.
  4. Essence
    Taking a step beyond brands and to give the spotlight to the founders of 40 different Black-owned companies, Essence highlights Dickey and other leading visionaries of the beauty industry in, “40 Founders of Black-Owned Hair Care Brands You Should Know About.” Learn about these leaders on Essence’s site.
  5. Mind Body Green Lifestyle
    In hopes of amplifying the voices and efforts of Black creators and brands, Mind Body Green Lifestyle shows their support of over 60 companies that could use love now and in the future. Discover their picks for four different industries with the full article: “Shop Black-Owned & Founded Wellness Brands: 66+ Companies to Support.”

Thank you to our community for showering Black-owned brands, including Hair Rules, with love and support. Read up on why being Black-owned matters from Dickey himself here.